Improve patient care with better, more personalized experiences.

Providing better, more personalized care to patients.
Delivering higher quality care, at a lower cost, to more patients.

Ageing populations in many countries are causing a drain on healthcare budgets while creating additional demand for healthcare services. We will work with you to address these challenges, while reducing costs and demonstrating value and accountability. In addition, with our expert understanding of the healthcare industry, we can help you keep up with the complex changes in the global healthcare regulatory landscape.

Some of the topics that will be presented in the summit:


  • Hospital at Home: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Telle-Med  
  • Digital Hospitals Security and Defense of the Medical Team 
  • Cyber Threats in the Healthcare Systems
  •  The Future Logistics
  • Navigation Systems in Hospitals
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Environmental Conditions Control
  • Cloud and Storage Solution of Our Medical Files