Customer Experience


Front end customer Experience technologies

We live in an era of business overflowing with incredible opportunity. The future is not yet written;
What happens next is actually yours to define. That makes this time both challenging and exciting with great opportunities over the horizon. But it’s not for those who are happy with good enough. Customers do not tolerate good enough anymore, that’s the sum of all reasons to transform business.
Customer experience is the sum of all engagements a customer has with you during the customer lifecycle. This relationship is an ongoing evolution and series of changes, comprising several moments of truth, beginning with awareness and discovery; shaped by information and interaction; defined by purchase and use; and reinforced by cultivation, loyalty, and advocacy.
Collectively these engagements can be achieved by extensive integration of Customer experience process, supporting digital technologies and brand new way of thinking.

Some of the topics that will be presented in the summit:

  • Customer Experience Technology architecture.
  • Understanding Customer behavior on digital assets (internal & External).
  • Omni channel automation.
  • Data driven marketing and Service.
  • AI Technologies supporting the CX.
  • Design Thinking
  • Journey & Personalization